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With our experienced staff and full service offering, TAC has become the drafting and graphics department of many engineering, utility, and environmental firms. We save our clients time and money with accurate, high quality CAD drafting services.

We provide monochrome and full-color large format scanning for architectural, engineering and construction drawings, maps, photographs, banners, original artwork, and other material, allowing you to easily archive and retrieve all your oversized documents.


Our large-scale plotters/printers can plot brilliant color or monochrome prints, maps and line drawings on many types of media to produce photo-quality prints. We laminate printed materials from business card size up to 36" wide by any length.

Laser scanning captures point clouds with thousands to millions of points. Common applications include analyzing buildings for future additions, scanning production facilities without down time, providing accurate as-built data, and monitoring structural movement.


When you bring your CAD drafting needs to TAC, our goal is to exceed your expectations with our service and the quality of our work. Our experienced staff has become the drafting/graphics department for many engineering, utility, and environmental firms, saving our clients time and money. We prepare accurate and complete CAD drawings from your drafts, revise existing drawings, convert CAD files to other formats, and create as-built drawings. We offer the convenience of high quality large format scanning, printing and laminating on site. Most importantly, we work collaboratively with our clients, taking the time to thoroughly understand the project goals and technical requirements so that we can provide cost-effective design, stellar service, and on-time delivery.